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Friends of Premier Jewellery Merry Christmas Peace be on Earth

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Dear friends,

2019 is a special year for Hong Kong, The Pearl of the Orient. We are so blessed to have you to support us.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your love and care. We are all very well. Although the economy is in depression, transportation deteriorates, our lifestyle changes, we spend much more time with family.

We cherish our relationship with one another. It is time for sharpening our professional services and collecting exceptional gemstones and diamonds at an exceptional price. Our mail order is booming and I know you will support us. Airfares and hotel room rates are so special, up to 75% off.

If your friends or family are looking for anything in gemstones and jewellery, please let me know. Hong Kong is and has been the best source of these treasures. Help me to help you. The night may be dark and long, we know that when morning comes, it will be very beautiful.

Attached is a photo of our team serving you in terms of creative design, remodeling, tailor made exquisite pieces of jewellery and repairs. Simply contact me by email, facebook, wechat, whatsapp or by phone.

Your prayers keep us going.

Until we meet again, may God’s grace be with you and your family.

Warmest Regards, Henry

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